A utopian world with a twist

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Weighed down by heavy armor, strong strides, and a firm stance,
Unshakeable is his valor, calm depicts his demeanor,
Perpetrators do not stand a chance, under his gleaming glance.

Men daunted by his might, eerie silence of his presence,
Righteousness and virtue in his stride,
Principles set in stones, taken ages to hone,
The softness of edges does set in seldom,
mild discretions accepted, of those who do not condone.

Mere mortal he is not, unrelenting in struggles,
Nameless Faces weighting options, aiming to ambush their guilt,
Their obscured vision, only care for self-pleasure,
hurt and harm are painted white, viewed by self…

A poem on attraction and its magic

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A sigh, a scent, a sense it is,
The dance, those lips how do you miss,
Words uttered and it feels magic as if,
Breath fast and slow, in rhythms it flows,
Eyes do betray, have no control.

This feels so fresh, is still the same,
You vowed to not ever let this play,
Then how so now, it beats as drums,
Pounding each time, as it hums,
Heart welcomes this delightful quest.

Songs of lovers, and passion of fire,
You hear, and mind sings along,
Radiant light reflects, and your skin glows in it,
Cherry hues give those cheeks a touch,

A few beautiful highs and some teary lows

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Feet so small started the first crawl,
Head bumped against the foot of the bed, turned around and still at it,
Stumbled, caught off-balance, tiny fingers managed,
Steadied the fall, stood straight and tall.

Easier it got to run, skip and stroll,
Cycling bike around the block bruised elbows and knees,
Blood in sight, painful and scary.
Length of a month gone by, it was again time,
Memory seeped down the drain and decided to grab its rein.

Swinging with speed to feel the rush,
Cool breeze lightly touched, sand with its…

Will she forgive her mother’s betrayal?

Photo by J W on Unsplash

I have attempted to narrate the story of a daughter’s strained relationship with her mother in the form of a short poem. This is purely fictional and showcases the emotional upheaval in the protagonist Alisha’s life.

Alisha stepped into her twenties, and it had been a lifetime of chaos,
She was shaping her identity, exploring the world around her,
What were her beliefs, motivations, and fears?
To which extent her outer appearance and friend circle defined her being.

First, there was the matter of ambition, a drive to achieve, limitless,
The goal was not yet set, a plan within her was…

Poem focusing on inner battles and wounds which are hidden from the world

Photo by alan bajura on Unsplash

What every one sees is a smile, strength, and undying spirit for life,
But they so easily miss her eyes which were filled with tears, just moments ago,
Wiped by a sleeve and plastered with colors of joy,
Replaced with warmth, love, and laughter, for everyone around her.

Pain inside her, searing through the body and numbing the mind,
Keeping her awake many a time at night, she tends to these wounds,
Some have healed and there are several anew, still so much self-work to do.

The pain never ceases to exist, and she never backs down from any of…

A writer’s quandary when corona hits again

Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash

The virus has taken a toll on me, this is the second time you see,
Took every precaution by the book, it turned out to be a bigger crook.
Like an ex-lover of mine, it came back again to dine,
No symptoms are there this time, the doctor says it is a good sign.

Pitter Patter of the rain, fingers moving as if trained,
Words come to mind, but then it suddenly subsides.
The mind starts bursting with thoughts, feeling somewhat distraught,
Only if I could go outside, feel the breezy air tonight.

Poem on gifts of nature healing and reviving me in their numerous subtle ways.

Photo by Kunal Shinde on Unsplash

Today is tiring once again, do I know what is to blame?
Get up for war, the siren is blown,
I need a special remedy to move on.
I turn to warm water of all, splashing myself overall,
Feeling it on my skin, there is a lull within,
And then I geared, to tackle things I feared.

Evening time, my mind occupied,
When is there ever a respite?
Looking through my window, a squirrel I see,
Nibbling on some food, bringing a smile to me.


A story of regret and resumption

Photo by Carli Jeen on Unsplash

It was turning dark outside as the evening was progressing into a night with the blue light of the moon shining overhead. Anamika was brewing tea while reading her favorite Agartha Christie character Hercule Poirot’s adventures. She enjoyed picking up a book in the evenings post her office hours, to de-stress and let her imagination fly to a land of characters that came alive in her mind. It was her me time and rescued her from the drudgeries of everyday life.

She had placed the teapot on the stove and just walked out to her balcony to let in the…

In search of the one true partner

Photo by chris liu on Unsplash

Learning and imbibing, since a young age you realize,
That at a suitable time though not too well defined,
One must make each effort to strive, secure a partner to lead a fulfilling life.
The more you absorb from movies on love, romance novels, and dramas,
Imperfect people find each other, to create magic like no other.
You do begin a journey to find, the one true love meant thus,
Someone who makes you complete and gives happiness in a world so bleak.

Instead of going on this quest, to find another person who fills joy in your heart,
To be…

Overcoming a night of dread

Photo by Warren Wong on Unsplash

That was the night when he fell sick and when I came to know of it,
My senses were dull, and a buzzing ness grew in my heart, mind, and soul,
At that moment nothing was true, only the dread and darkness inside.
All those years of my life which smelled sweet had vanished, and been replaced with despair.
As if I had never known before this what was to be in fear.

He fought bravely for his life and saviors were at war, with forces which are beyond our control,
I know naught if this…

Akshita Singh

Author with focus to explore human emotions, motivations and life lessons. Professional cybersecurity consultant, fiction lover, old classic movie fan.

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