Akshita Singh

May 28, 2021

2 min read

One more day to live

Overcoming a night of dread

Photo by Warren Wong on Unsplash

That was the night when he fell sick and when I came to know of it,
My senses were dull, and a buzzing ness grew in my heart, mind, and soul,
At that moment nothing was true, only the dread and darkness inside.
All those years of my life which smelled sweet had vanished, and been replaced with despair.
As if I had never known before this what was to be in fear.

He fought bravely for his life and saviors were at war, with forces which are beyond our control,
I know naught if this was devil’s work, but surely one evil spirit heartless to its core,
Did prayers ever work I had my doubts, but this time I decided to give in to it,
I prayed to the power and implored it to save my beloved dad,
As I was certain on it my life depended, I could not live without him.

Several hours passed, and it kept ticking at a glacial pace which was the same as before,
Though to me it felt like a lifetime of mine was stuck between the hands of the clock.
It grew darker every second evermore, engulfed my thoughts, my senses and all,
Sitting beside my phone I waited all night till the beginning of dawn.

It rang now with a booming noise, which shook me from my static state,
Slowly I moved towards it with caution and picked up to hear though not yet prepared.
My dad was back from the gates of the other world, so they said and that meant it was the end,
Of this painful and dreadful night in life, with the dawn of another day.

It seems my prayers did work, more so I was glad I tried,
Darkness in me began to subside, though I could not be completely free of it,
Once touched by the darkness within, it remained in my soul, and something changed in me from that day on,
This darkness is bad they said, but it keeps reminding me to love my life and all those in it,
Like one day we may not have another new day to live.