Pandemic Life: Take inspiration from Anne Frank

We have all been greatly troubled in different ways since the outbreak of the pandemic which started impacting the entire world at the beginning of 2020. Most of us have been trapped in self or government-imposed lockdowns with restricted access to essential resources, some of us are dealing with the loss of a friend or a beloved family member and the rest of us are continually haunted with a sense of impending doom. Just hearing the death toll rising every day during Wave 2 causes us to be fearful of what the future holds for us.

If Anne could keep her sanity against the daily fear of the concentration camps, frugal food, and cramped spaces we all can learn to show grit and determination in our fight of eradicating this virus. We need to maintain our mental equilibrium and work to provide support to people by contributing in different ways, whether it is by giving donations or actively participating in voluntary work.

Her life did end at an early age of 15 years when her family got caught by the Germans and she was sent to a concentration camp where she ultimately died. However, this diary of hers was later obtained in the house and since then has been printed in several languages and is a classic of war literature.

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